Ewnix is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network that is specifically catered towards off-topic chatter. Ewnix was designed with users in mind, and strives to bring the best IRC experience to each and every user, whether they are connecting to chat on one specific channel, or moving their own community to our servers. Some of the features that Ewnix brings to the table include:

  • Nickname registration – Although IRC was not designed with the user’s nickname in mind, things evolve over time. As IRC has matured, nickname registration has become a standard across many networks, and most users from novice to intermediate expect nickname registration to be available. We have followed suit, and provide nickname registration via ‘NickServ’ on the IRC network. For more information on nickname registration, please see our IRC Services page.
  • Channel registration – Channel registration allows for fine-tuned control over your channel (room) and is freely available on the Ewnix IRC Network. Feel free to create your own community and add your own staff as you please! For more information on channel registration, please see our IRC Services page.
  • Hostmasking – To protect your identity from others on the IRC network, Ewnix will mask your hostname (or IP) so that other users are unable to trace it. By default, your hostmask will be hidden upon connecting to the IRC network using a hash. If you would like a custom hostname, you will have to register with NickServ and request the hostname through HostServ. For information on how to do so, please see our IRC Services page.
  • SSL Connectivity – By connecting with SSL, the user ensures that the connection to the Ewnix IRC Network is authentic, and not being sniffed by means such as a “man-in-the-middle,” attack. Users can feel confident that their connection to the Ewnix IRC Network is secure and private.
  • SASL Connectivity – Simple Authentication Security Layer (SASL) connectivity allows the user to pass their nickname’s password before the connection is completed to the IRC network. The benefits of using SASL include not having to memorize passwords, authenticating with an SSL certificate instead of a password, and obtaining a custom hostmask before identifying your real hostname with the server.
  • CertFP Authentication – Certificate Fingerprint (CertFP) identification can be used to identify yourself with NickServ after your nickname has been registered. The advantage to using CertFP is that you do not have to memorize a password. Simply connect to the IRC Network using SSL, and your certificate will provide authentication to services automatically, thus lessening the likelihood of someone maliciously gaining access to your nickname and services account.
  • Web Chat – Whether you are wanting to use our website, or host your own channel on your own website, Ewnix has the tools to easily allow you access to the network without having to download any software. Simply navigate to our webchat page and begin chatting! If you would like to add the web client to your own website, follow our guide!